A not-for-profit urban renewal social enterprise
The foundation of Under the Sky was inspired by John Pontin of the JT Group, Bristol, which has a track record of 40 years of enlightened property development in the city. His key idea is that there are sites and buildings in Bristol and the West of England that need to be transformed for the benefit of the community but are outside the normal scope of private developers, housing associations or other organisations. To this end he has brought together a group of like-minded individuals with relevant business and professional skills who are committed to undertake socially and environmentally sustainable urban – and rural – renewal freed from the bonds of conventional thinking.

Although Under the Sky is completely separate from the JT Group, they, as an experienced developer with net assets of £12 million, are able to provide any necessary backing.

What we do
Under the Sky does the many essential and specialised things that have to be done if any piece of land is to find a new future whether as buildings, open space or for public transport use. We can as appropriate:

• help with acquisition of sites;
• take the project, acting with the new users, through the processes that lead to a planning consent;
• help identify sources to fund the project;
• employ and manage the expertise necessary to design and carry out the work.

How we are different
We have chosen to be a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee in order to avoid any conflict between the needs of the project and the need to distribute profits to shareholders. This also may allow us to qualify as recipients for public money, Lottery grants and charitable funds. Directorships of the Company are unpaid.

We are very sorry to have to record the untimely death of Ian Cawley a director of Under the Sky. He will be greatly missed by his colleagues and friends alike.

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