Our aim is to create futures for land and buildings that are socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and thoughtfully designed. Towards this aspiration, our objectives are to:

• fulfil the potential of neglected but important sites where conventional development
  has not been able to do this;
• provide fitting accommodation for community organisations and local businesses that would
  not otherwise have it; and
• undertake projects where significant advances can be made towards sustainable urban living.

Naturally the scope for achieving each of these objectives varies from project to project but we do not intend to undertake any project that does not make a substantial contribution to furthering at least one of these objectives.

In the process towards these objectives, we aim to:

• work in partnership with national, regional and local public bodies and charities;
• involve the active participation of all stakeholders; and
• draw on the best intellectual, technical and cultural resources of the region.

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